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The aim of DIGAR’s collection of Estonian articles is to provide a unite web portal for all digitally created or digitised newspapers, journals, and other serials that are published abroad in Estonian or here in Estonia and make them accessible.

You can just browse the collection or search articles by content, read the full texts, make notes, compile a bibliographic index, and send the lists to your e-mail account, share information through social networks and a lot more.

The users are provided with access to all newspapers published since 2014, journals and other serials published since 2017, and a selection of older newspapers. Every day, the database is supplied with new publications. Older newspapers (1821–2013) will be added one by one in compliance with the conversion plan. Older journals and other serials (published before 2017) view in the digital archive DIGAR.


All up to date publications (newspapers 2014– and other serials 2017-) can be searched by article headlines, authors, words in the article. The search results are displayed by articles. For the moment, older newspapers (1821–1944) can mainly be searched by the words in the article.


Collection of Estonian newspapers is divided into conceptual periods. The availability and searching opportunities vary according to the period.

I period (01.01.2014–...) – contains most of the newspapers published in Estonia: daily and weekly papers, regional and other local papers, the newspapers of different institutions and organisations etc. All articles can be searched as separate units.

II period (1993–2013) – partially available, publications will be added gradually by titles. Information about articles published during this period of time may be searched also in the Database of Estonian Articles.

III period (1945–1992) – partially available, newspapers will be added gradually by titles. Information about articles published during this period of time may be searched also in the bibliographic publication Artiklite ja retsensioonide kroonika.

IV period (1821–1944) – partially available. Over 100 000 pages of material from the portal Digitised Estonian Newspapers at http://dea.nlib.ee has already been transferred to this portal. You can search, browse and read the full texts of e.g. Waba Maa (1918–1938), Uudisleht (1927–1940), Virumaa Teataja (1925–1940), Sakala (1878-1940). The rest of the newspapers will be transferred in 2016-2017. The content of other newspapers from this period can be searched using analytical card catalogues referring to articles and messages about certain subjects, persons and Estonian places.

V period (1944–) Estonian Diaspora - so far a limited selection available in the portal. This material is currently in the database Digitised Estonian Newspapers at http://dea.nlib.ee and will be added to the portal in 2016-2017.

Access Restrictions

The system is developed keeping in mind also the interest of the publishers, so the newest numbers are usually not accessible for remote users at the day of the publishing. But generally, the full texts are always accessible in the National Library of Estonia and in other libraries which receive legal deposit copies. Regardless the restrictions, you can always make enquiries and view bibliographic data of all articles (authors, headlines, information about publications). Publications may have different access restrictions – the information about it is given separately for every item, view e.g Eesti Spordileht.


Bibliographic data of articles belongs to the National Library of Estonia. The data can be used according to the Creative Commons license CC0 (CC0 – No Rights Reserved).

Other Newspaper Databases:

DEA | dea.nlib.ee. The aim is to transfer all the newspapers from the database DEA (dea.nlib.ee) to the new portal during 2016-2017.

Technical Information

For creating contents to the DIGAR’s Estonian articles module, we use a German company’s CCS | Content Conversion Specialists software docWORKS©.

The user interface is developed in collaboration with the help of a New Zealand company DL Consulting Ltd.

To avoid damage to the originals, old newspapers are digitised using microfilms. Also, file sizes are a lot smaller when microfilms are used instead of large originals. The films are scanned in the digitisation centres of ELNET Consortium and University of Helsinki (Mikkeli centre).

Up to date publications are gathered as print files directly from publishers and they do not need additional digitisation.

There are no special technical requirements to read and search the articles. Only internet access and an up to date web browser are needed. We recommend using Internet Explorer or Firefox.

  National Library of Estonia
Tõnismägi 2, 15189 Tallinn
Contact: 630 7611
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