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The aim of the portal is to gather all Estonian newspapers, journals and other serials to a unite web platform. This achievement is possible with the help of our partners, who provide the portal with digital collections and digitised publications. Information about the library or other organisation that has digitised a certain publication is shown in the publication’s information box.

A large portion of the portal’s contents is formed by the materials of the portal DEA (Digitised Estonian Newspapers). The aim of DEA was to provide access to digital picture files of old Estonian newspapers.

DEA was compiled by three Estonian libraries:

National Library of Estonia, coordinator

The Archive Library of Estonian Literary Museum

Academic Library of Tallinn University

The new portal is expanding the concept of DEA. All its documents will be converted with special software and transferred to the new platform; therefore giving users a possibility to broaden their newspaper researching opportunities.

The goal is to transfer all documents from DEA (dea.nlib.ee) to the new platform during 2016-2018.

In addition to the documents of already mentioned libraries, we will start transferring digital material provided by our new partners. In the first phase, we will add to DIGAR Estonian Articles portal the Estica newspapers digitised by University of Tartu Library that are at the moment available in the Tartu University’s repository DSpace (dspace.ut.ee).

  National Library of Estonia
Tõnismägi 2, 15189 Tallinn
Contact: 630 7611
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